SD Italian Collision Repair

SD Italian Collision Repair

Collision Repair

     At SD Italian, you can expect us to handle your collision repairs and all the headaches of having your vehicle returned to its pre-collision condition. We work with your insurance company to ensure all accident related damage is corrected and covered. If you need a vehicle during the repair period, we can help setup a rental, have the rental here at our shop when you drop-off your vehicle, and when your vehicle is completed we handle returning the rental vehicle for you.

Vehicle Disassembly & Inspection 

     Once we receive your call, we will schedule your vehicle for what we call a teardown. This is the beginning of the collision repair process. We disassemble all the damaged areas to find damage that is not visible. This damage is commonly referred to as “hidden damage”. With the vehicle disassembled, the appraiser can properly inspect the vehicle to develop a list of necessary repairs and replacement parts. The appraiser uses the information gained during this disassembly and inspection step of the collision repair to develop the written cost estimate for repairs. We have one of the top rated, state licensed Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers (MVPD) on staff to perform this step for you. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has the sharpest eye for detail so that no damage goes overlooked on your collision repair estimate.

Vehicle Frame Work For All Models

     The impact sustained by the vehicle during the accident may affect the underlying support structure of the vehicle, which is the frame. We have specialized, computer-driven, 3-D laser imaging equipment to measure the vehicle frame to determine if the frame is no longer within factory specifications. For the frame to be out of specification, tremendous forces must be absorbed during the accident. Only special equipment designed to secure the vehicle while the frame is adjusted back within factory specifications can be used. Frame repair is a specialized field due to the cost equipment to measure and adjust the frame. Most shops do not have the equipment to properly perform this type of repair. In fact, many auto body shops sublet frame repairs to our shop frame because they do not have the skills or equipment to do it themselves.

Auto Body Repair

     The body of your vehicle is typically the portion of the car that is visible. Bumpers, hood, fenders, doors, etc. Depending on the damage, the part may need to be replaced with a new one. For example, a cracked headlight will be replaced, but a slightly dented door may be repaired. Our appraiser will determine the best way of performing the repairs on your vehicles to maximize quality, safety, and cost effectiveness.

Refinishing Preparation 

     The next step in the collision repair process after the body work is complete is to prepare the vehicle for being painted. MOST shops do not properly “prep” the vehicle for paint because it is time consuming and not readily apparent after the job is painted and completed. If a vehicle is not prepped properly, the paint job will eventually fail over time, but probably won’t be seen until several months or even a year later. This is typically what happens with those TV commercial type shops that put more work into their advertising than the work on your vehicle. If you pay a low price, it is because a step is being cut short to save money. This is most likely the step you are not getting with other shops. For customers of our insurance direct repair programs, we guarantee the paint job for 1 year unconditionally.

Last Step: Refinishing

     Once the vehicle has been prepped, SD Italian can now take the necessary steps to paint the vehicle to bring it back to life. This is the step that is most apparent to the outside world. The repairs can be performed perfectly, but without a clean paint job the repair is not complete. SD Italian uses only the highest quality paint for your vehicle as we would for our vehicle repair.

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